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Pine of Plinko Dream Drop
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Pine of Plinko Dream Drop
UPlinko Fashion TV
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UPlinko Fashion TV
Plinko Go
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Plinko Go

Try Out UK’s Rising Online Casino Game - Plinko

Plinko has become increasingly popular at UK online casinos. Played at the best online casinos, the modern Plinko is an entirely digital affair (outside of live casino games) which is a long way from the original Plinko which debuted on "The Price is Right" back in 1983.This in turn was inspired by the Japanese Pachinko games which were popular for decades prior. 

Continue reading to learn more about online Plinko.

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What is Plinko?

Plinko is a simple game seen in TV game shows and fun fairs alike, and now as an online casino gambling game. Plinko has been featured several times as a bonus round in other games like online slots or live casino game shows but there are now dedicated games where Plinko gets to take centre stage.

In the real world, the Plinko game comprises a large board with scattered pegs and a number of segments at the bottom. As an online game, of course, the visual elements remain the same but are digital. A puck or chip is dropped by the player from the top of the board. Players can choose the position they want to drop the chip from. 

The chip then skitters its way through the maze of pegs which can cause it to excitingly change directions multiple times. The chip will eventually land in one of the segments at the bottom of the Plinko board. Each of these segments is labelled with a prize (or lack thereof in the case of forfeit segments), and you’ll win the prize value displayed on the segment the chip you dropped lands in.

How to Play Online Plinko

Plinko is so beloved by players because of how easy it is to play. There are no additional rules, or text to reading, meaning the simple fun can transcend language barriers and experience levels. Plinko can be played by following these steps:


Pick a Game and Set Your Bet

Browse the available Plinko games and pick the one that suits you. Configure your wager using the bet selector menu. 


Configure Your Game

Some Plinko Games will have a set board, but others will allow you to customise the size of your board to between 8 and 16 pins, similar to selecting paylines on a slot. Some Plinko games will also allow you to pick the volatility level of play, which of course, also impacts the type of payouts you can expect to receive from the game.


Drop the Chip!

Click or tap at the top of the board where you’d like your chip to drop from. In some games, you can drop multiple chips at a time. Watch as the chip makes its way to the bottom. The segment the chip lands in is your prize, and when all payouts have been made you can play again.

Common Features of Online Plinko

The Plinko features listed below are seen in the Plinko game created by Hacksaw Gaming, but are similar to features included in most online Plinko games. Different developers might give their features a different name, but the function is the same.


This feature allows players to decide how many pegs they would like to be used in the Plinko board, from 8-16. This feature also allows players to select the volatility of gameplay; low, medium, or high.


Balls are dropped from the top of the Plinko board by clicking the ‘bet’ button (similar to the spin button in slots). If you don’t want to play Plinko at its default wagering settings then you’ll need to select your wagering amount from the available options before dropping any balls. You can drop more than one ball at once by clicking the bet button multiple times. Of course, you’ll be charged your bet amount for each ball you drop.


When a ball hits one of the multiplier zones beneath the pyramid's base, it will award a prize equal to the multiplier value times your wager amount! Hacksaw's Plinko has a maximum win of up to 3843x available in the leftmost zone, zones towards the edges award more while zones in the middle award less. The high-value locations on a Plinko board can change between versions, so always check where to aim for before dropping your first ball.

About the Game provider: Hacksaw

Hacksaw Gaming

Using technology and design to reinvent classic casino games with the user always in mind, Hacksaw Gaming is a cutting-edge mobile-first games provider based in Malta and founded in 2014.

The development team has created a range of instant win casino games (such as Plinko) and slot games. Hacksaw is a mobile-first company, which means they ensure all games they create can be conveniently accessed and enjoyed by players no matter the device they play on.

Why Play Plinko with Prime Casino?

There are many great reasons why players pick Prime Casino as their premier destination for online casino gameplay. Just a few are listed below:

Prime Are Responsible Gaming Advocates with a Safe & Secure Site

At Prime Casino we want all our players to be safe, which is why we’re advocates for responsible gaming practices. We are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and use advanced firewalls and encryption so you can have complete peace of mind when playing Plinko games with us.

#1 Prime is Powered by SkillOnNet

Prime Casino is powered by SkillOnNet. What this means for our players is that they get the very best selection of online casino games from all the top developers. At Prime Casino, you’ll find slot games, table games, and instant win games such as Plinko.

Prime Has the Latest Network Promotions

Being part of the SkillOnNet network doesn’t just mean you get an epic selection of games, but also top-tier promotions. Both new and existing players get treated with frequent promotions including Plink-exclusive promotions.

Plinko's Exciting History


The creators of one of the most iconic TV game shows ever to grace our screens were inspired by the Japanese game of Pachinko (which we’ll explore in the next section), to create the first instance of Plinko gameplay seen. 

The year was 1983 and the gameshow was The Price is Right. There were many iconic games featured in this long-running game show, but Plinko was certainly one of viewers' favourites. 

There’s just something so exciting about watching a big puck skitter down a jumbo game board, especially when the chip beelines for a losing segment only to have its course shifted at the last minute by a peg, causing it to land in the jackpot slot.

Plinko vs. Pachinko - What’s the Difference?

Two games of chance that have grown in popularity around the world are Plinko and Pachinko. But even while there are some parallels between them, there are also some clear variances, as the table below lists.

GameplayPlinko gameplay sees the player drop a chip from the top of a vertical board that is dotted with pegs. The segment where the chip lands is the prize that is won.The Pachinko board is also vertical, but instead, players launch metal balls from the bottom of the board in a style similar to pinball.
RulesIn Plinko, the prize you win is the prize the chip lands in.In Pachinko there can be a variety of rules such as the number of balls required in a specific pocket in order to achieve a prize payout.
PopularityPlinko has pop culture status for players across the US and the UK. It is a common game in fairgrounds and is growing in popularity in gambling settings.Pachinko has a 100-year history in Japan and is still an incredibly popular game in Japan, with designated Pachinko venues where players can enjoy the game.
Cultural SignificancePlinko is tied to modern Western pop culture and is a visual icon from the golden age of TV game shows.With a history of over 100 years, Pachinko is indelibly connected to modern history in Japan and across Asia, where the game is loved to this day.

Plinko FAQs

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